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October, 2010

Nashville Predators Recaps

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But, here's some older hockeychic rants...

11.16.2010 Toronto Maple leafs vs. Nashville Predators

What an amazing start. We score within a couple minutes of the game starting... we soon-after score 2 back-to-back goals a mere 10-seconds apart. The fans (and therefore Twitter) were buzzing. With just seconds left in the first, the 'oh no, not again' feeling began to rumble when the Leafs scored.

The second period... didn't start too badly. We tallied another score from Goc (pronounced "Gah-ch") making the score 4-1. Then "it" started. And by "it" I am, in fact, forgetting to add the first two letters to form the word in my head. From a few minutes into the second hockey took a back-seat to what seemed like the most undisciplined parade to the penalty box that I have ever seen. Ever. I mean in over 30 years. The Leafs not only got back the goals they lost early on, they managed to take the Lead.

While the Predators attempted a rally in the third, the Leafs were already flying high on momentum and Preds fans could hear the proverbial 'fat lady' flexing her pipes for song. To say that I am speachless about our play this evening is a little gone. I think my personal twitter quote of the night was "If I was a coach I would be screaming made-up words because no real words seem to fit how bad this is."

I have never seen play that bad since watching little Shane act like an ill-tempered bully on pond hockey.

Next Game: Candiens on the 18th; catch it on FS-TN and catch up with me on Twitter.

11.13.2010 Chicago Blackhawks vs. Nashville Predators

What an exciting game - and against the defending Stanley Cup Champions to boot! The game itself was exciting, fast paced, and full of action - but that's typical when these two clubs meet.

The fans get additional hockey though as the teams tied then went into overtime which ended, still tied. That leads to the joys of the Shoot Out. Pekka Rinne, who is historically solid in the S/O didn't disappoint and the Preds came out on top! other news, traffic LEAVING the game sucked total ass, so I was late getting home and therefore exhausted when it came time to write the recap. Sorry it was short but hope you caught it either in person or on the tube.

11.11.2010 St. Louis Blues vs. Nashville Predators

How fitting is it that the team that started our losing streak/slump is the same team we ended up being to reverse that streak?

The game against St. Louis was full of calls that SHOULD have been made (and weren't), more talk of red flags in hockey, and an almost goal saved by Marcel Goc. The game itself was a bit like "monkey see, monkey doo" and we merely answered each goal with one of our own. The game went into overtime (hello, nerves anyone?) and THEN into a shootout. Both goalies performed great in the shootout, but in the end Pekka Rinne saved one very important goal more than Halak (who was scored on by none other than Marcel Goc!).

Is it the tide turning again? We'll see when we faceoff against Chicago on Saturday for one of our suddenly rare home games. See you at the game!

11.03.2010 Phoenix Coyotes vs. Nashville Predators

For the record, yes I skipped a recap versus the Red Wings. It was ugly and was hoping if I ignored it that it would go away. Unfortunately, not a valid and realistic idea. Our losing streak has now extended to 3 in a row as the Preds were bested in the 3rd by the Coyotes.

The game, as a whole, was a roller coaster. The Yotes scored early (with the first 90-seconds of the game) on a fluke-of-a-puck. Luckily the Preds ended up having 2 goals scored in virtually immediate succession later in the first. In the second, both teams showed energy and both scored a goal. The third was the defining period of the game, however; as the Yotes tallied 2 more goals to tie up and then take the lead. A questionable call didn't help (the Yotes scored on the majority of their power plays as our special teams couldn't keep them in check) and the pucks were prone to a lot of jumping. Execuses aside, the team played well - both did. The blogs prior to the game had this dubbed as a goaltender competition and assumptions were a low-scoring game. That's just further proof that we're all just taking educated guesses in our predictoins. The Yotes goalie, Bryz (bree-z) ended up capping the win as the Predators Pekka Rinne (pek-ah reenay) allowed 5 goals to Bryz' 3.

It's a good thing I'm not a fairweather fan, right? Just saying. Preds are now 5-3-3 on the season.

10.28.2010 St. Louis Blues vs. Nashville Predators

This is a hard recap. Mainly because I don't have a lot of GOOD things to say about the team I'm so passionate about. So, I guess time for honest obersvations, regardless of where the chips may fall.

The first period was completely lackluster. There were some decent plays and some decent shots, but in the end the period ended leaving me hoping that the team would find some energy hidden somewhere in the lockerroom for the second.

The second proved slightly more exciting and one tidbit became apparent: tonight Jordin Tootoo was really playing the game with some decent shots on goal and fast wheels under him. Unfortunately, just as a 4-on-4 expired, the St. Louis Blues managed to score on what, on paper, will be a short-handed goal. I say 'on paper' because with barely one foot on the ice as the goal is being scored, that doesn't chalk up to us having the advantage yet, in my opinion. I think, in the end, they played better overall and Halak "out goalied" Rinne, who can't be expected to save our butts in every game.

In the third the lackluster continued on and the Blues managed to secure their 3-0 win after a pretty B.S. call on Jordin Tootoo for charging.

CellBlock303 reporter says that Tootoo left his feet. Not only did the supposed infraction happen right in front of me, but I watched the replays and I have to admit that I don't see it. Generally, to be considered charging, the player has to leave his feet, take about 3-4 strides to build steam to hit the guy, or the drop-shoulder-for-helmet-to-helmet. I didn't see any of those elements involved. Tootoo left his feet, but it appeared to be after the impact. It was a shoulder-to-shoulder impact. If they suspend Tootoo for charging, I'm afraid that the little respect I have this year for officials and officiating bodies will be nullified. I've seen far too many calls NOT made that were legit and blatant and stupid calls made just because someone gets hurt. Wake up, people; it's hockey. Sometimes people get hurt.

10.24.2010 Nashville PRedators vs. Tampa Bay Lightening

Early predictions had us losing the game. A blogger/Twitter bud said it would be a TB win, 4-2. It didn't look promising after 8 minutes of play, either, when TB scored and made it a 1-0 start against the Preds. I immediately fired up Twitter to ask for some handy stats on how many we win when we start off as scored against. Luckily, before I could get a response, we posted a goal from big Shea Weber. Just as I was coming off my goal-high, we scored AGAIN on a Sergei Kostitsyn (Koh-steet-sin) goal. We tallied two more points and I was sitting pretty.

Late in the third the story started to change dramatically as TB pumped in 2 back-to-back goals (one from former Pred, Adam Hall) and made it a game again. A late (and, might I add, stupid as ****) penalty by Marty Erat against Steven Stamkos (one of the best in the NHL) had us on a penalty kill for 2 of the last 4 minutes of the game. After the power play was beat down, TB pulled former Preds goalie, Dan Ellis, to get an extra man out for the last 2 minutes.

While Legwand fired the puck (and missed) down the ice toward the empty TB net, Steve Sullivan made an amazing dive to touch the puck and keep the momentum down with mere seconds left on the clock. Finally the clock ticked to 0:00 and we chalked up back-to-back wins. The Preds are now 5-0-3 on the season and, at this moment, leading in points. I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure this is the best start we've ever had.

Go Preds!

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10.23.2010 Nashville PRedators vs. Dallas Stars

Once again the game started off on FIRE with the Predators Cal O'Reilly scoring before I could even finish getting my NHL feed pulled in. Unfortunately that was the ONLY noteworthy event I can taut. The rest of the game was mild, at best. The Special Teams managed to hold off Dallas on multiple power play efforts and Pekka Rinne saved the day on some really close shots. Twitter news had it that Dallas had sticky ice, but whatever. The last 4 games have not been awe inspiring (though not junk, either) but I'd love to see the energy that we had in the first 4.

Regardless of the mediocre play, I still love the boys and forgive their moments and we can count this game a WIN... and THAT is what matters. Let's put it in the books and now we're 4-0-3.

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10.21.2010 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Nasvhille Predators

The game started off with a bang as the Predators scored before I could even really get my seat warm. From the first three minutes off the game it felt like a teeter-totter. We score, they score; we score, they score. Third period, try it again: we score, they score. Let’s take it to overtime. In overtime there is no second chance for the other team to score… JP Dumont made a shot on goal that bounced off Fluery’s shoulder and, by all the laws of physics and interia, should have gone it. But it didn’t. Somehow the blue ice of the goalie crease kept the puck out. From there the puck was right back on the sticks of Malkin and Crosby… the two players you NEVER want to see have puck control in OT, and they managed to slip the OT goal past Peks.

Of note, there was a play where Malkin was blatantly (and repeatedly) cross-checking Nashville's Jordin Tootoo, which really should have gotten a call. I promise you on everything I have to offer that, had the roles been reversed and Toots was hitting Malkin, he would have been in the box in a heartbeat. I get that Malkin is a headliner. I do. But enough of the BS double-standard. Opposing teams: Keep your damn hands off my boy(s) or be ready to take what he's always ready to dish out.

I’d love to tell you I’m depressed about the OT loss, but we are still 3-0-3 on the seasons and, as a fan, I can tell you that it was intense and amazing to see Malkin and Crosby forced to put on their A-Game to beat my boys.

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10.19.2010 Calgary Flames vs. Nashville Predators

Within the first five minutes of the game, Calgary made it apparent to everyone except, apparently, the officials they brought a hard-hitting and dirty game. A direct and dirty knee-to-knee hit took headlining (and Olympian) defenseman Ryan Suter down hard. Suter, known to be the game-leader for ice time nearly every game, did not return to the ice and was reported to have a “lower body” injury. Of note, no call was made on the play. From that point on the Preds visibly lost steam but, luckily, the loss of steam seemed to hit the Flames as well and both had relatively timid play.

Peks, back for his first game since sustaining a lower-body injury in the 2 nd game of the season, played well. Going into the 2 nd OT of the season, Mikka Kipprusoff did a great impression of Stretch Armstrong and kept the Preds at bay. After less than 5 minutes of OT the Flames skitter one past Peks to bring the Preds to 3-0-2 for the season.



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